enviroCar Data


The enviroCar server’s REST API supports the download of anonymized track data. Query it via HTTP for tracks, measurements, or statistics and select using spatial and temporal filters.

The data is anonymized, i.e. it is not possible to connect it to the driver. Access to user related data is protected and requires the user to login via HTTP authorization.

Detailed description of the enviroCar-server API: http://envirocar.github.io/enviroCar-server/api/.

API Endpoints

File download

Users can download their own tracks in several formats (e.g. GeoJSON) using the menu on the route overview page (go to your profile and click on a track in the list to see the route overview page).


Data available via the enviroCar API can be used by third parties in accordance with the Open Database License (ODbL). For details see enviroCar terms.