Aggregated Tracks

This map provides an overview of all enviroCar tracks. It displays the aggregated measured speed. New tracks are integrated within seconds after uploading them from the enviroCar app. You can access this map from the ArcGIS app on your tablet pc or your smartphone. Just search for enviroCar.

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enviroCar Hot Spot Analysis

This map presents a CO2 hot spot analysis for the city of Münster (August 2013). Red dots indicate regions in which cars produced significantly high values. Blue dots are regions with significantly low values.

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Analyzing enviroCar Trajectory Data with R

R is a free programming language for (geo) statistical computations. The enviroCar community maintains an R extension package which provides functions for importing data from the enviroCar server and demonstration scripts:

In his online publication “Analyzing enviroCar trajectories with R”, Edzer Pebesma uses several examples to describe how to use R for analyzing enviroCar data. Read the accompanying vignette. Edzer Pebesma is professor and managing director of the Institute for Geoinformatics at Münster University.

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interactive maps with ArcGIS Online

enviroCar's ArcGIS online mapping platform provides a number of interactive maps based on enviroCar data. Browse the gallery. Tell the community about projects. Share ideas, insights and conclusions with people all over the world.

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